P r o f i l e

Anita Kaushik popularly known as Anu was born & brought up in Delhi has a degree in Political Science Hons. from Delhi University. Anu recognized her passion for makeup at the very young age of 16 when she enrolled herself at a salon for a self grooming course.

The transformation that was brought about in every face after a new hairstyle and makeup in that suburban busy salon caught her fascination and she knew she wanted to be a makeup artist.....hard work, dedication and zest….soon brought her to the top in the fashion industry..

Over the years self taught and blessed artist Anu has built-up a reputation for high details and creativity….with her technical ability in hair and artful eye Anu creates highly clean and minimal to more extreme and dramatics looks with the same ease…her forte is her complete control over hair and makeup which makes it easier for her to visualize and create the final look..!

Her Mantra--“Makeup that's you..Only a little Better!''

When transforming a simple girl into a stunning bride or a model into a style diva..its a feeling no words can describe…says Anu.

Profession for her is work cum pleasure as she loves traveling and her profession takes her to most beautiful locations all over the world…!

Anu is based in Delhi and freelances her creation has filled the pages of top fashion and beauty spreads / cover pages and advertising campaigns.
Favorite of many bollywood stars, fashion icon, leading fashion photographers and designers she has recently opened her dream makeup studio cum spa for her exclusive brides…!

Considering complete faith in her work its not surprising that her newly opened spa is frequented by top models, actresses, fashion and beauty insiders and influential society women who loves its modern Mediterranean yet discreet, down to earth flavor of chic combined with dedicated services…!